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Beth's Musical Career

In the span of twenty five years, Beth has played with a lot of bands.

Jon Emery

The King of

Hillbilly Rock n' Roll

Bill Oliver - An eco-troubadour whose environmental songs like "Habitat" have been performed throughout the USA for two decades.

Slim Richey - The most dangerous swing guitar player around, with Francie Meaux Jeaux holding down the bass. Together they have a number of great swing bands.


George Ensle - Since he began performing as a teen in the late sixties,  he has covered a lot of ground.  He has established himself as a veteran singer-songwriter.

...and she's had the pleasure of playing with:

Michael Elwood

Barb Donovan

Jimmy LaFave

Mandy Mercier

Maryann Price

Shake Russell and Dana Cooper

Peter Yarrow

  (of Peter, Paul & Mary)

and many others

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